Guest Blogging

Guest blogging has been one of the most popular ways to receive links to your website. All that is required is for you to find blogs that allow guests to post blogs, write a nice blog post with backlinks to your website then post it.

Guest blogging has, however, lately been widely abused by people so much to an extent that Google warned in early 2014 that it was going to start penalizing blogs that allow guests to post blogs that are meant purely for SEO purposes. Many people have been using black hat SEO in their blog posts, including using hidden links that only search engines are able to see. This is what Google wants to stop. So, you might have a harder time convincing a blog owner to allow you to do a guest blog for them. But, so long as you write useful content, avoid spamming the readers and your link building methods are 100% White Hat, then there is no reason why not to use it.

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